Does Your Hosting Provider Affect SEO? Your choice of host is not going to directly boost your ranking. It is not going to move you to the first page or directly attract more traffic to your site. However, a poor choice of a host can have a detrimental effect. Choosing wisely can then give you an edge on the competition.
What exactly is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ (or ‘virtual currency’) that can be used as a payment system, but it’s not a physical currency like dollars and cents. It came on the scene in 2009 as a “peer-to-peer” payment method that challenged more traditional types of online payment.
Paying for what you DON’T need So, essentially, businesses used to pay for resources they didn’t need to keep them in reserve for the odd occasions that they did. Clearly, as a business model this was akin to paying a costly retainer, and one that any business in its right mind would avoid if possible.
Why Get Paid Email Hosting? Before anything else, it’s important to understand why there are those who want to have their own custom emails. Why would they want to abandon feature-rich and tested email services like Gmail? The reason mainly boils down to the following: credibility building, branding, and being in full control.
What is ‘IoT’? The Internet is no more than a network of computers. Some of these computers belong to web hosts who own servers that provide the hosting infrastructure that houses websites. Some of these computers sit in the homes of billions of Internet users who use their PCs to visit their favourite websites, enjoy the occasional video, and chat with friends on Facebook.

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